LR-18 (CDC Robin x 964a-46 RIL); Fedoruk MJ; Plant Genome 2013

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Genetic Map
LR-18 (CDC Robin x 964a-46 RIL); Fedoruk MJ; Plant Genome 2013

The LR-18 RIL was developed from a cross by CDC Robin, a small red cultivar released in 1999, and 964a-46, a large green breeding line from the lentil breeding program at the Crop Development Centre (CDC), University of Saskatchewan. LR-18 individuals were genotyped with the Lc1536 GoldenGate OPA and six SSRs from Hamwieh et al. (Sharpe et al., 2013). Additionally, LR-18 individuals were screened with a total of 17 additional seed quality associated markers including four known seed colour genes. The resulting map includes 561 markers across seven linkage groups covering a total of 697 cM. This map has an average distance of 1.2 cM between markers with linkage groups ranging in length from 57 cM to 150 cM.


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Khazaei H, Fedoruk M, Caron CT, Vandenberg A, Bett KE. Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Markers Associated with Seed Quality Characteristics of Cultivated Lentil.. The plant genome. 2018 03; 11(1).